Tattoo art

“And that’s permanent?”


This is one of the reasons why communication throughout the whole process is so important for me. From the moment you decide to work with me on something that you’ll wear every day on your body…

Have your own idea or inspiration? Bring it in. Creating custom designs is my favourite way of working and it’s in my opinion very much part of the tattoo world.

Picked one of my free designs lower on this page? Great, now it’s mainly a matter of finding the perfect place for it on your skin. Maybe you’ve heard about different parts of your body having different levels of sensitivity. Sure, getting a rib tattoo is likely to be more painful than a thigh, one on the elbow will be more ingrained in your thoughts than your skin, but keep in mind that we’re all different even when it comes to pain tolerance.

No need to suffer though. There are ways of working with the discomfort, pain and how to prepare in advance and minimise them. Get a good night’s sleep, drink enough water, eat beforehand and have a small snack with you, wear comfortable clothes (that you don’t mind getting ink on) and don’t forget to breathe. For some people audiobooks or watching a show on their phone is a welcomed distraction. For me it’s the opposite. When I’m getting tattooed, I prefer to have some music in the background, but nothing too loud. And then focus and breathe through the pain till it becomes tolerable…sort of a meditation.

Tattoo art has its roots in probably all ancient cultures. Often connecting people to their family or community. In some cultures people believed that certain symbols can ensure protection or work as a good luck charm. Even back then there must have been some focus on the esthetical value of the designs… And today? The main change happened on the technological side of tattooing, new inks in all kinds of colours are now available, which pushes the boundaries of what’s possible to tattoo. But when you look at the reasons for getting one and the symbolism, not all that much has changed…

A memory, a wish or purely aesthetic reasons…in any case very personal. Thank you for the trust that you come to me with.

New life to an older tattoo? Sure.

Brightening the colours, making the lines crispy again or even changing the artwork completely (cover-up) is a challenge that some tattoo artists prefer to avoid. I decide on an individual basis if I'll do a cover or touch ups. If you’d be interested in working with me on a project like that, let me know. We can meet up and discuss the details and possibilities in person.

Do you like one of these free designs or have your own idea?